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Dominan Gold (12 and up)

Specialized products for patients and after surgery

Supplementing energy deficiency for patients
Good for heart health, reduce tiredness, sleep well
Support digestion, avoid constipation, absorb nutrients well
Calcium supplements help strengthen bones



Providing nutrients rich in vegetable protein, milk protein, vegetable fat along with vitamins and minerals, helping to nourish the health of patients, post-surgery patients, newly ill people

Supplementing Calcium, Vitamin D, Phootspho, Magnesium helps prevent osteoporosis, for people with calcium deficiency. Supplementing with Vitamin K2 helps to transport Calcium directly to the bones, for strong and healthy collagen type II. Helps nourish connective tissue in cartilage and joint fluid, helps lubricate and regenerate articular cartilage. For flexible supple joints.

High in unsaturated fat (MUFA, PUFA), No cholesterol, good for the cardiovascular system

Supplementing high FOS ingredients in combination with Vitamins A, B, C and Zn, Selenium, helping to improve digestive system, increase absorption

INDICATIONS: Supplement daily diet, provide nutritious source of vegetable protein, milk protein, vegetable fat combined with vitamins and minerals to help restore health after diseases, after surgery, anti-aging the body

OBJECTS OF USE: Patients during convalescence, before and after surgery, who need energy recovery. Elderly people, poor digestion, difficulty chewing to swallow. Suitable for people 12 years and older who need additional energy

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Opened cans must be tightly closed after each use and used up within 3 weeks

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Add from 50 grams of Dominan gold powder (5 tablespoons leveled) to 180 ml of boiling water to warm about 40 – 50 degrees C, stir well 1 cup of a 200ml solution, providing 200 kcal. Each drink 1 cup, use 2-3 cups / 1 day, or use as directed by a Doctor, or a Nutritionist. After reconstitution should use up within 3 hours. Other forms of use must follow the instructions of a doctor or dietitian


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