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Dominan Gludiabest (30 and up)

Nutrition for diabetics

Helps stabilize blood sugar
Help digestion, avoid constipation
Promotes health and good for the heart
Supplement the lack of energy for dieters



Isomalt helps stabilize blood sugar

Supplementing with FOS / INULIN, high Lysine combined with Vitamins A, B, C and Zn, Selenium, helps to improve digestive system, increase absorption.

High in unsaturated fat (MUFA, PUFA), No cholesterol, good for the cardiovascular system

Providing high protein content combining with essential nutrients, helping to improve health for patients, people at risk of diabetes, people in the diet

INDICATIONS: Replacing the snack, nutritional supplement for the diet of people with diabetes, helping to improve health, support digestion

SUBJECTS TO USE: For diabetics and people at risk of diabetes. Suitable for people 30 and older

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Opened cans must be tightly closed after each use and used up within 3 weeks

DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION: From 45 grams of Dominan Gludiabest powder (5 scoops) with 180 ml of boiling water to warm about 40 – 50 degrees C, stirring 1 cup of 200ml of water. Each drink 1 cup, use 1-2 cups / 1 day, or use as directed by a Doctor.


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